Diversity Pictures is a Los Angeles-based production company run by Actress/Writer/Producer Jessica Orcsik. The company is dedicated to producing innovative projects that reflect the importance of inclusion and diversity.

Launching in 2017 the company began production on “Stepping Into Focus” a two part documentary centred around the Focus on Ability Short Film Festival. Focus On Ability celebrates the achievements and abilities of people with disabilities through the medium of film. This documentary challenges the ideas and perceptions of inclusion and diversity with how far the film & television industry has come and how far we still have left to go in relation to disabilities. Expected release 2019.

Diversity Pictures has also invested into feature film – Australian Drama “Unsound” which is due for release in late 2019. An unlikely romance forms between a disillusioned musician and young, deaf, trans man in a joint effort to save a community club for the deaf. Writer Ally Burnham, Director Stef Smith, Starring Reece Noi & Yiana Pandelis.

Along with several short film projects released in 2019, Diversity Pictures has begun development on several feature film projects in 2020.

Jessica Orcsik, CEO of Diversity Pictures, has worked for nearly 30 years in the film & television industry both in front and behind the camera. With experience in producing live events, theatre and stage productions, film and television.

About the Industry: Today, the demand for inspirational real-life stories and other nonfiction entertainment attract viewers and strengthen community values on a global scale. Diversity Pictures is positioned to pave the way for change in the entertainment industry, target social issues that prevent equality in all its forms and prove there is a platform for success in telling these stories. Thus working towards an inclusive society.